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Adying Trade - Very few still making Punjabi furniture

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  The inner game of job search
SASYA Tranggono

People who like my paintings often ask me to teach them about colours and I tell them that all they have to do is to open their eyes and see the world around them. I tell them to travel. I love to travel and probably the best places (in terms of colour) to go to are Spain, Morocco and India

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Neetas Herbal
Neetas Herbal


Wearing a scarf, hat or helmet over damp hair should be avoided because when the scalp eventually sweats, the dampness will not only give out a bad odour but it will also attract fungi and bacteria. This may contribute to hair fall, dandruff, scaliness and other scalp conditions. So dry your hair thoroughly before covering the head. Read more

Catherine Yee Yean San
Catherine Yee Yean San
With a Chinese name, her striking looks and mixed parentage are always a source of curiosity among people. But Yee readily addresses the subject when asked about it. Read more
Living and working in the Information Age means constantly processing and learning new things. Here's how to learn effectively Read more
Mobile phone is an ssential part of your daily usiness, so it is important to use it politely. If you practise at least one of these ideas this week, your callers, customers and other team members will appreciate your courtesy, and you will be known for your amazing mobile phone etiquette. Read More

When life throws you a challenge, are you equipped to choose the best option to deal with it?
ACTOR Robert de Niro once said: "The talent is in the choices." In other words, you must make the best choice available to you at a given point of time. The more choices you have, the better the chances of achieving your desired outcome.

Quantum Global managed to catch up with Christina Boves, founder and inventor of the Derma Wand Hand Held Skin Care Rejuvenation System recently. Christina has been a professional in the beauty industry for almost 30 years. Thus, she fully understands what works and what doesn't for tired and aged skin.
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This is the edge of the city. No one wants to come here. There arejust too many trees, snakes and mosquitoes! To get out of here, you have only this long, lonely winding road along oil palm plantations. Very dangerous at nigRL Not a good place for a young family." the housing agent exclaimed when we tomed into a shady residential area. "But [ heard that it is the safest place in the city, almost crime-free. Police personnel want to be posted here because there is no headache!”
ponies Acupuncture has been gaining popularity all over the world but lately, it has also been used on horses.
Selangor Turf Club's (STC) senior veterinary surgeon Dr Sfiri Kanth puts on his surgical gloves, gives a nod and the next race horse is brought into the clinic.
Fish Spa Fish spas are now the "in" thing. The latest is Garra Rufa Fish Therapy in Bangsar which c!aims its fish therapy is the real thing, primarily because it uses the Garra Rufa fish found only in Turkey. Unlike substitute species, these fish perform the task of eating the dead skin and learing the healthy untouched.
  1. Life-giving water flows through the Unesco World Heritage site of Hongcun which looks like a black-and-white Chinese ink-wash painting. More Details
  2. Valentine's day special - VALENTINE'S Day is a day many of us play dress up for hot dates. So nf you're looking to look nothing less than gorgeous, make sure you pay particular attention to your eyes. More Details
  3. Valentine's day special - From flaunting to representing one's economic status, or simply to have as some form of talisman to enhance one's luck for the year, jewellery with traditional themes is featured heavily in the wake of the festivities. More Details
  4. Valentine's day special - VALENTINE'S DAY is a season to celebrate precious memories of togetherness with your loved ones. Celebrate Valentine's Day with gestures of appreciation and a token of love from Tomei. More Details
  5. 'Puteri Gunung Ledang: The Musical's third season, which is spearheaded by Enfiniti Productions Sdn Bhd, will run from Feb 6 to 21 at lstana Buclaya, Kuala Lurnpur. The rnusical's sponsors include RHB Banking Group, Public Bank, UEM Group Berhad, Ntv7 and Yayasan Tuanku Nur Zahirah. More details
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