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Web Application Development Software

AddressHytech Professionals offer secure, robust and scalable web-application services in financial, healthcare supply chain and e-commerce domain. Our web application service offer great benefits like a single-point-of-contact, convenient and effective communic
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Autonoleggio Cagliari

AddressTrovate un autonoleggio a prezzi ragionevoli in Cagliari - Confrontate le tariffe e ottenete un noleggio di auto a basso costo.
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Sell Property Fast!

AddressIf you are in URGENT need to sell your property and not getting a GOOD CASH OFFER of your house. We are here to HELP! With our experienced professionals we can assure that you will have a Hassle Free Sale of your property in a very short period of time.
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AddressMalaysia Online Shopping Store: High Quality Products at Affordable Price.

Find dress, top, cardigan, inner, pants, skirts,kain, baju kurung,accessory, jewellery, muslim & muslimah apparel and more here.
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A&d Creative Solution Sdn Bhd

AddressCompany Description Align & Drive is Malaysia’s preeminent organizer of event and entertainment. We have a strong reputation for professionalism and quality. We go the extra mile in order to surpass your expectation. At Align & Drive, we take a team approach – the team works together on your event and each team member brings complementary strengths and skills. A-12-08, TOWER A,MENARA PRIMA, JALAN PJU 1/39, 47301 PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR
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A&D Creative Solution Sdn Bhd
A&d Creative Solution Sdn Bhd

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Heat Press Machine Wholesaler


Dis2u was established in year 2006 as an expansion of further development. We are an expert specialized in Sublimation Transfer products.Our product line covers Heat Press Machines, Sublimation Blanks (coated ceramic product,coated metal products, sublimation gadget and fabric products) such as white coated mug, pillow cushion, jigsaw puzzle,key holder, and etc...., We also expand our business line to provide 3D face doll Machine, pvc id card, photo crystal, Button Badge Machines,Plotters, and others many equipments relevant to printing line. We are so confident that we offer a very special guarantee in our Best Seller and No Compromise Packages.Our heat press machine series, (combo 4 in 1 , 6 in 1 and 8 in 1) was marked with international CE certification.We also proud to announce that our product was awarded "Asia Pacific Top Golden Brand Products" and "Asia Pacific Top Emerging Entrepreneurs"by Global Business Magazine. All off our product especially tableware such as coated mug have approved by international SGS certified are safe to use. We also very concerned about our product quality, besides have a high quality coating surface for perfect image transferring our product also have an innovative designs which accepted by OEM.Our sublimation ink and transfer paper also guaranteed in high grade quality for your best printing result. With many years of experience in this fields, we can provide our clients with the highest quality products,professional technical support and comprehensive solutions.we are insists on total customer satisfaction, and provides free technical support with all the products it sells, during all stages of products selection, sales and after sales. We also offer latest knowledge, informed guidance, and supporting products to ensure your profit. We constantly update and provide you with new product information tips and tricks of the trade to make your business grow and also help you to reach your goals. We are looking forward to establishing relationships with you in the near future. You are welcome to contact us!

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Heat Press Machine Wholesaler
Heat Press Machine Wholesaler

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A Dying Trade - Very Few Still Making Punjabi Furniture


   The art of making traditional Punjabi furniture, once touted as a thriving business, isfast turning into a dying trade.

There are only two places in the country where such funriture, especially the traditional Punjabi bed or "manjaa", is produced - one in Perak and the other in Kuala Lumpur.

  The manjaa, where ropes are weaved according to a wooden bed frame, used to be a must for Punjabi families during the olden times.

  However, due to modern times, contemporary beds and mattresses have taken over its place.

  Punjabi furnitm'e maker Arvinder Singh said there were still some who favoured the manjaa, which comes in a variety of sizes.

  "It is believed that sleeping on the bed helps to  reduce backache and it also has better ventilation due to the gaps in between," he said, adding  that no nails were used to make the furniture as they were fitted accordingly.

   The manjaa, also known as charpoy, is synonymous with Sikh night watchmen, who used to be seen sleeping in front of banks and business premises before big time security companies came about.

When morning came, they would carry the beds on their heads to be put aside for use again that night.

In India, the versatile charpoy, which is used indoors, outdoors, and sometimes even on rooftops, is an important part of its people's lifestyle.

Colourful: The various types of stools and hall menji custom made in Perak

Various colours: Manjaas comes in various sizes and colours, which are custome made

Attention to detail: Nik making designs on a stool using nylon strings

Delicate work: Nik Kaur, 81, Making designs on a stool using nylon strings

From Big to small: Arvinder singh showing some of the stools that the family had made.

  It is used as a bed as weI1 as a chair where guests are invited to sit on.

  Arvinder, 27, is the third generation in his family still plying the trade.

  "It may not be some/hing youngsters are interested in but I asked my father to teach methe trade.

  "It wilI be such a waste ifwe do not continue with our tradition and culture? said Arvinder, who works alongside his parents and wife, who are all involved in traditional Punjabi furniture making.

  Both his parents, Sokbber Singh, 50, and Rajwinder Kaur, had learned the trade from their own parents.

  "In the old days, jute was used to weave the bed but it 2s difficult to obtain the material these days and it can be pretty expensive ifwe were to import them from India.

  "It used to be cheap because they were made by prisoners and were easiiy available.

  "Since it is difficult to obtain jute now, the other best alternative is uyIon ropes," hrvinder said.

  The bed frame, he continued, were made from solid cengal or rnerbau wood.

  "It is better to use second-hand wood, especially those from old houses, as they are dry and more solid compared to the new wood," he explained.

  According to ^rvinder, the crafting and assembling of the bed frame were carried out at an empty space behind the gurdwara in Tronoh while the weaving was carried out in either Tronoh or at their home in gunung Rapat, lpoh.

  They also have a shop in ]alan Silang near Lahat Road, Ipoh.

  Besides the manjaa, tile family also makes the menji (a smaller version of the manjaa for the living mom), pfiie (small stool), bench and pollo where the Sikh holy book is placed.

  Surprisingly, AtMnder's customers are not only Punjahis.

  "We have Malay, Chinese and Indian customers as well," he said.


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A dying trade - Very few still making punjabi furniture
A Dying Trade - Very Few Still Making Punjabi Furn


Malaysia Contact Portal


You can get the malaysian contact information here

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Malaysia Contact Portal
Malaysia Contact Portal


Mmu Career Fair 2012

AddressCareer Fair 2012 is an event in MMU. The goal of this event is to enhance our graduate’s and final year student’s employment chances as well as for students to learn more about the ever changing job market, resume writing and grooming tips. For your information, this event would be a good chance for our students to seek career opportunities. It also serves as a good platform for participating companies as they will be able to recruit bright students of Multimedia University to enhance their respective workforce. Don't miss the golden opportunity to find your future career at Career Fair 2012. Details are as follows: Date: 4th January 2012 - 5th January 2012 Time: 9am - 5pm Venue: Grand Hall For more information, log on to
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Malaysia Car Portal

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What Makes Kuala Lumpur

AddressIt is people who make a world-class city
Calendar Date Post: 26-Oct-2011    Pages: story

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Vital Vaccination For Malysia Children

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Mystical Euphony In Malaysia

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The Gatsby Dance Competition Is Returning For The Fourth Time

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Dancer Norbaizura Abdul Ghani

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The Inner Game Of Job Search

AddressHere are some simple tools to help you develop mental toughness
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web portal

fashion store online shopping muslimah apparel

fashion store online shopping muslimah apparel

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printing sublimation gift



punjabi furniture

punjabi furniture





printing sublimation gift


fashion store online shopping muslimah apparel




punjabi furniture


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