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Feasting time for fish

Fish spaThere are so many spas in the city now that it's difficult to tell which are the good ones. Now, you even have fishy ones.

There are all kinds of spa therapies in the country these days. Every other week, a new spa surfaces offering a new kind of treatment, so much so that after a while they all feel like gimmicks.

Fish spas are now the "in" thing. The latest is Garra Rufa Fish Therapy in Bangsar which c!aims its fish therapy is the real thing, primarily because it uses the Garra Rufa fish found only in Turkey. Unlike substitute species, these fish perform the task of eating the dead skin and learing the healthy untouched.

The interior of this Bangsar-based boutique outlet is plush and comfortable. We were given our towels and a choice of where to sit. i found out that it's advisable to come as early in the morning as possible when the fish are a little bit more "ravenous" and eager to attend to you than at any other time of the day.

The experience was initially unnerving.
These fish rush at you the way (one imagines) piranhas would when flesh is thrown into the Amazon River. They are all over you in a blink, feeding off your dead skin in a frenzy. Folds, soles and the web between the toes - nothing goes untouched.

The sensation is akin to little electric shocks that are actually mildly pleasing. My partner found it a little ticklish.

After a few moments, we eventually got used to it and relaxed. The gentle sound of the spa's trickling water (which is highly-filtered and pure) blended with the gentle background music to soothe us even more.

Some people inevitably get more attention, and apparently I was one of them. As a result, the half-hour session drifted into an hour's worth. Prices are RM38 and RM72 respectively.

My partner and I ended our session by gently wiping off with our towels and examining our exfoliated skin,

We couldn't see much difference but felt somewhat "fresher"..
The truth is that several visits are necessary if you want to see visible effects, which supposedly includes smoother and more even-toned skin.

In Turkey, this treatment has been used for over a century to treat conditions like psoriasis and eczema.
Whether fashion, fad or true, this fish therapy and its efficacy remains to be seen. But if you're going to try It I recommend at least going for the genuine article, At least you don't have to fly across the world for it now.

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