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Neetas herbalNeeta's Herbal offers safe and natural remedies to combat hair problems. A pioneer in ayurvedic hair therapy. Neeta Gosalia has been providing herbal therapy for the past 23 years, and owns 33 outlets worldwide.

While lustrous, healthy hair isa source of pride for men and women alike, many are forced to battle with hair problems.

Neeta introduced her corrective formulas after years of searching for products to help prevent hair fall.

She says that commonly encountered hair dilemmas among clients are hair fall, premature greying, hereditary hair thinning, male pattern hair problem, alopecia areata (patchy hair problem) and dandruff.

There are many reasons why a person starts losing his hair. Research has shown that stress plays a vital factor in determining the condition of the hair. Poor hair care, environment, lifestyle and diet too have its effect on the hair. Thus, it is important to ascertain what kind of hair you have and then look after it accordingly.

"Dry hair, for example, would need plenty of nourishment, the roots would need extra oil and feeding," explains Gosalia.

Oily hair, she adds, requires a completely different therapy.

There are two categories of hair fall - !t rather occurs all over the scalp or is limited to certain areas.

According to Gosalia, in some cases of alopecia, the condition is caused by bacteria or other infection or may even indicate a severe systemic disease.

Other problems associated with the hair and scalp include alopecia areata, dandruff, scaliness, rashes, itchiness, pimple like protrusions, dry and brittle hair, premature greying, and male-pattern hair problem. Dry, brittle hair with split-ends can be due to frequent perming, straightening, and excessive use of the hair dryer.

One must pay attention to the hair root because it is the life source of the hair; it is where the essential characteristics of each individual's hair are determined as a result of the biological processes involved in hair formation.

The root is responsible for all natural qualities of the hair, such as colour, texture, length, thickness and shine.

These provide the starting point for haircare products, which are designed to bring out the best in the hair's natural qualities. Therefore, root nourishment is essential for healthy hair and that means strong, shiny hair.

Gosalia advises that you should not go to a hairstylist to seek help. This is because she might recommend a perm to create the illusion that you have a lot of hair.

"This is the worst thing to do because you may eventually lose whatever you have. Even if youhave inadvertently permed your hair, and you feel awful because there are visible gaps betweenthe curls, do not straighten you hair immediately. I had a female client who went hairless because of this."

Wearing a scarf, hat or helmet over damp hair should be avoided because when the scalp eventually sweats, the dampness will not only give out a bad odour but it will also attract fungi and bacteria. This may contribute to hair fall, dandruff, scaliness and other scalp conditions. So dry your hair thoroughly before covering the head.

Washing your hair three times a week is sufficient for our hot and humid climate. But it all depends on the nature of your job. Some people may need towash their hair. daily using a mild shampoo.

Apart from hair care, Gosalia administers therapy for skin problems such as zits, black-heads, whiteheads, scars, fine lines, under-eye dark circles, discolouration and other disorders.

Wigs, hair extensions and custom,made wigs are also available.

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