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They belong to tile most exchisive club -- a high-society group with ono key enlrance requirement: family assets must be worth at least a billion dollars.

Meet a new breed of celebrities as E! (Astro Channel 712} counts down Forbes' exclusive list of 20 billionaire heiresses.

Not just a reflection of net worth, this list takes a look at what the ladies stand to inherit Flus how they're making names for themselves in business, philanthropy and beyond.

Watch tim lavish lifestyles, trust-fund totals aild high-life hobbies of the world's billion-dollar babies

in Forbes 20 Billionaire Heiresses: Young. Fabulous and Incredibly Rich which begins on Smlday at 7.50pm,

These girls have stellar surnames worth their weight in gold.

"We've got a woman so rich there's a castle with her name on it; another who used her funds to purchase an eco-fTiendly meditation retreat Centre in Italy's Chianti region and one lucky lady who scored a seven milflon dollar island for her fifth birthday present." says a Forbes publicity handout.

“When it comes to living the diamond life and putting their money where their beliefs are, these girls set the standard."

The series features commentary from experts at Forbes magazine and hitervisws with some of the heiresses, and will hiok at how much these women are worth and what they're doing with all those funds.

"i know people want to hear things like diamonds and jewelry and clothes." says one eco-friendly heiress who comes in at number 13. "But you're going to laugh because I love to splurge on food at Whole Foods."

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