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MyHEALTH Portal is a web-based health information service set up by the Ministry of Health Malaysia as one of the MSC Telehealth Flagship Application in 2005.

This is a national initiative by the Malaysian Government to bring great advances to the country through the innovative use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which can also accelerate Malaysia´s growth towards becoming a fully developed nation by the year 2020.

MSC Telehealth Flagship Application is envisaged to transform the Malaysian healthcare system to be more integrated, distributed and virtual with the aim of providing equitable, accessible and high quality healthcare services. This will help to realize the healthcare vision of the nation by emphasizing on life-long wellness wherein individuals, families and communities are empowered to play a major role in managing their health.

The objectives of this portal are:

  • To empower and encourage individuals to be responsible for their health by providing health information and education online

  • To provide reliable and quality health related information to specific target groups in a user friendly and easily accessible manner.

How MyHEALTH content is developed

Medical and allied health care professionals with expertise and experience in their fields are selected by a Content Committee to write specific health and health related articles.

These articles are then reviewed by other similar experts before being approved for posting by the Editorial Board. Articles will be continually reviewed and updated.

Topics chosen are generally aimed at providing information on:-

  • health promotion

  • illness and injury prevention.

Some articles also address medical conditions which reflect the disease burden or other aspects of importance.

Articles on a whole range of health related topics can be found by using the search from the A to Z topics or the target groups.

A directory of health services, health forum, ‘ask the experts’, health alerts, news and health events, polls and survey will provide more complete information for the users.

The people behind MyHEALTH.

The Editorial Board Members

The Editorial Board members consisting of senior specialists are specially appointed by the Director General of Health, Malaysia. This Board is responsible for setting the direction of the portal development and endorsement of it's contents.

Contact Us

MyHEALTH welcomes your enquiries and feedback to improve our services. Please use the guide below for us to serve you better: 

Couldn't find the health information you are looking for? You can:

  • Try our health topics by age group or Health Topics A-Z or Search Engine to search the MyHEALTH.
  • Check our FAQ
Would you like to alert us on your Health Events?
Would you like to become a MyHEALTH contributor?
Would you like to send your feedback?
You can also contact us at:

Health Online Unit,
Health Education Division,
Ministry of Health Malaysia,
Level 1-3, Block E10, Complex E,
Federal Administration Complex,
62590 Putrajaya,

Tel          : +603 88834555, 88834461, 88834422 , 88834427
Fax         : +603 88894406, 603-88886200
Email      :

We will respond to your queries as soon as possible.
If you are in need of medical care please contact your doctor. MyHEALTH is unable to provide diagnosis nor treatment; its content is for information purposes only.


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