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THE slightest change to the brows can drastically alter a person's expression. That's where Brownaissance Eyebrows Embroidery comes to the rescue. Brownaissanoe Eyebrows Embroidery is a beauty "must" for any woman. Beautiful brows lend a fresh, revitalised look to the face.

Women with sparse, uneven, crooked or completely bare brows often turn to Brownaissance Eyebrows Embroidery for beautiful, natural, groomed and clean brows.

The symmetry and shape of embroidered brows are instant beautifiers. Even walking out the door without makeup would seem less daunting with Brownaissance brows.

The advantages to eyebrow embroidery include:

  • Saves money: if you are constantly purchasing brow pencils, gels and powders to fill in your sparse brows, you know the costs can add up. Brownaissance Eyebrows Embroidery is so precise that you'd never need another pencil touching-up purposes.
  • Saves time: the process of filling in the brows is meticulous, and requires extra care and attention. Permanent makeup application to the area will save valuable time in the morning.
  • Avoiding cosmqtic allergies: many women are unable to use certain makeup prod ucts because the ingredients are too harsh for their sensitive skin. Brownaissance Eyebrows Embroidery is less likely to cause irritation and discomfort.
  • Avoiding smudges: Heat and perspiration can melt make-up and the slightest touch will smudge it. With grownaissance Eyebrows Embroidery, you won't have to worry about participating in outdoor sporting activities anymore. Your brows will remain in perfect shape no matter what you do:

Beautiful browsBrownaissance Eyebrows Embroidery process is rather more gentle and comfortable than the traditional tattooing procedure.

The Brownaissance Eyebrows Embroidery method utilises a small, delicate and precise tool that is nonmechanical. This tool is designed to create results with a soft, natural look

With this tool, the Ultimate Impressionist gently "taps" pigment into the skin to allow for precise, particular application of colour and appropriate depth perception.

This is a newer form of brow makeup technology that involves injecting colour only into the top layer of the skin.

The result is extremely natural, and the process is considered relatively painless in comparison to the traditional method.

Many people have benefited from Brownaissance Eyebrows Embroidery, including busy professionals, athletes and those suffering from vision impediments.

Brand new beauty, brand new youth.., brand new bluunie - the Ultimate Impressionist

Today, with testimonies from more than 100,000 satisfied customers, beauty and youth is being rejuvenated once again. Ultimate Impression has blossomed to become bluunis, the Ultimate Impressionist.

With three new brand out-lets - Jaya 33, Sunway Pyramid and AEON Bukit Tinggi - in trendy white-and-blue settings, bluunis is the result of a global re-branding programme with a renowned brand conceptualist to position a top professional in beauty services and products for today's dynamic market.

"We're growing more beautiful and more youthful," says James Tan. the founder. "The

transition from Ultimate Impression to bluunis is a facelift for many aspects of our brand - such as improvements in outlets, customer service, technology, expansion plans and more. Our brand slogan -beautiful is young - says it all."

Through a complete range of beauty products, including eyebrows, face and skin as

well as body care treatment, bluunis has a focus to help women look their best while maintaining their youthfulness. With the latest techniques and technologies, customers are treated to holistic and professional care meticulously designed for lasting and impressive results.

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