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Make-up artist Haze Long Yen Yen talks about current looks, must-haves and the no-nos, and gives R.AGE a special make-up demonstration.

Face PaintingHAZE Long Yen Yen, 23, believes in the wonders make-up can do, and wields her magic brushes on her make-up blog The make-up artist is fascinated with make-up and believes young women should learn how to use it to enhance their looks to "attract the opposite sex".

Whatever your motivation is for looking good, there sure is a lot of make-up tips to pick up on Haze's blog.
She regularly puts up step-by-step make-up tutorials on her blog, and some of them revolves around fun themes. There was even a make-up tutorial inspired by her "haggard skeletal look" (in a self-deprecating entry on how her her skin is barely wrapping her bones).

With over 1,000 followers, the recent grad- uate updates her blog daily, in addition to running an online boutique.

Using various products but mainly those from Make Up Store, Haze gives online tutorials on how to create different looks for different occasions.

In the tutorials, she gives detailed step-by-step guidelines on how to hold make-up brushes, which brushes to use and how to create fantastic looks on a budget.

She also gives advice on what colours and clothes trends to match with different make-up looks.
Currently, the first page of her blog show-cases a look she created herself, a combination of several eyeshadow colours.

"What's really in right now is the retro look
- yellows and oranges to match the creative things they put on clothes, like zippers," explains Haze in her study, where she records her videos and manages her biog.

"Blues and greys are still in, but are being replaced by brighter colours like gold and bronze, to give that sha p edgy look," she adds.

The make-up artist notes make-up trends everywhere she goes.
"I see a lot of people wearing dark eyeliner, which is a must have. It draws attention to your eyes immediately," she says.

"Eyeliner gives you a very intense look. I prefer liquid eyeliner because it gives you a more soft and natural look."

At the moment, a new, hot item that has hit stores has caught Haze's attention, and that's mineral make-up.

Made from all-natural, finely ground minerals from the earth without any additional chemicals, dyes or preservatives, these products are exploding in the beauty market.

"The great thing about mineral make-up is it enhances the current state of your skin, which makes healthy skin glow and look great," she says.

"The downside is, if your skin isn't that healthy, it amplifies your flaws."
One thing Haze has noted whenever she buys make-up is the brush that eye shadow comes with, which is apparently a big no-no to use.

"The brushes that come with the palette don't blend the colours in very well, and they make the colours look patchy on your eyes," se notes.

Instead, Haze suggests going to any stationery stop and buying a regular paintbrush.
"Just cut the brush to look like a make-up brush. It works well enough and its a cheap alternative to buying actual brushes."

For that smokey-eyes look, Haze recommends using three colours - a light colour four shades lighter than your skin, a strong, dark colour and a slightly less intense version of whichever dark colour you choose.

She holds up three colours: Extreme dark blue, a lighter shade of the same blue and a beige/white colour as she prepares to demonstrate a smokey-eyes look on the reporter.

"Always apply the light colours first, and then go darker, blending as you go along," advises Haze as she deftly blends the colours into my eyelids, finishing off the look with eyeliner and thick mascara.

"You can use any mascara, but remember to shake it a little as you glide it on," says Haze.
D For more makeup tips visit Haze's blog at and check out a video tutorial by

Haze on how to achieve a hot clubbing look at

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