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facialQuantum Global managed to catch up with Christina Boves, founder and inventor of the Derma Wand Hand Held Skin Care Rejuvenation System recently. Christina has been a professional in the beauty industry for almost 30 years. Thus, she fully understands what works and what doesn't for tired and aged skin.

"After using Derma Wand you can really see fine lines diminish. The firming and toning can be achieved because Derma Wand effectively imitates hundreds of tiny fingers patting the surface of the skin at 114,000 cycles per second, while simultaneously emitting purified enriched oxygen, right on your skin's surface. It also delivers vital thermal energy to help increase 'tissue warming'," said Christina.

For years, professional beauty salons have been using large and expensive devises similar to Derma Wand. What Christina did was to engineer a smaller and more portable version so you can take it home and give yourself ~. facial everyday. Derma Wand is a condensed version of the corrective technology that professionals rely on:

The thermal energy helps increase 'tissue warming' which cosmetically smoethes away the appearance of fine lines. By producing enriched oxygen, Derma Wand helps purify and retexture the surface of tour skin. Your complexion will immediately respond with a lifted and increased contoured appearance while improving the congested look of puffy, tired eyes,

'I want my skin to be firm, toned and routhful looking. Hence, I use Derma Wand every day," added Christina.

There are four key areas that will benefit when you use Derma Wand regularly:

Saggy skin

Use Derma Wand to help purify build-up and debris from the skin's pores to minimize pitted appearance. Derma Wand's restorative feature delivers an instant tightened and lifted appearance, helping to instil cumulative long term tightening benefits.

Fine lines

The thermal properties of Derma Wand are helpful to cosmetically reduce fine lines

and the appearance of skin folds. This stimulation will be the key element for your tighter and lifted appearance without surgical procedures.

Enlarged pores

Don't cover it up. Clear up the pitted appearance of enlarged pores with Derma Wand's purifying energy.

Puffy eyes

Pack your bags. Feel and see the improvement and have that well-rested look, while diminishing the appearance of excess folding around the eye area.

"Derma Wand performed so much for my face, even on my body, without visiting the

beauty salon. I noticed my eyebrow appears lifted and fine lines softened. Even the puffiness on my cheeks has diminished and pore size is reduced after three months. It's really value for money, as I purchased it for only RM299 to enjoy these wonderful benefits," enthused 39-year-old Jennifer, who is a senior manager.

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